Tooling, Spare parts & Accessories

  1. Tooling for EPS Moulding
    • Tool design, drawings, specification and fabrication
    • Cavity optimisation for machinery
    • Consideration of steam chest & cooling requirements
    • Tooling as part of a machinery specification package
    • Direct tooling projects from specialised Asian tooling fabricators
  2. Spare parts for EPS machinery
    • We source, quote and deliver a wide range of spare parts
    • Quotes can often be obtained within 2 days and supplied within a week, direct to your door
  3. Accessories for EPS processing
    • Fill guns
    • Ejector rods
    • Springs
    • Core vents
    • Hoses
    • Ducting and other items are available on request

Talk to us about your needs. Through our knowledge and support from our suppliers, we can work solutions which optimise your moulding requirements.