Sunghoon Tech range

  • Continuous expanders of various throughputs, with/without second pass expansion capability.
  • Batch expanders, with/without second pass.
    • Second Pass - SHF-2200 model and larger.
  • Options
    • Auto density monitoring and feedback control
    • Silo control
    • Ethernet connectivity

Batch expander range:


Density 1000P 1200P 1800P 2000P 2200P 2600P 3000P
12g/l 150kg/hr 300kg/hr 650kg/hr 750kg/hr 850kg/hr 1050kg/hr 1200kg/hr
25g/l 450kg/hr 600kg/hr 1250kg/hr 1450kg/hr 1650kg/hr 2050kg/hr 2250kg/hr

 Throughput is subject to bead type and processing conditions.

Sunghoon Tech offers automatic density recording and control systems, as an option to be added.